Saturday, March 26, 2011

The worst dogs for children to avoid

In considering a new dog for your children, there is much more to see not only the des-sized dog you should also think about the dog breed. different breeds have different inclinations and personality. Some breeds are not good baby pets. Here are some of the worst dogs for children.

Although pit bulls are known, fun-loving animals, for some, is the amount of accidents in these wild animalsscale. It 's so bad that some states require owners of pit bull dogs insurance. Although the problem can not be an end in itself, but the race of people who would, I do not have a chance with this type of dog left alone with my children. They are known to go for the throat and their jaws lock. These dogs are in seconds when not properly trained Kill.

Another one of the worst dogs for children, the Chow Chow. While Chow Chow canLook like a big teddy bear Teddy with a black tongue, sometimes aggressive and territorial. They are known for their arrogance and violent. Can be a very strong dog and will require an owner-managed companies with good training skills.

Rottweiler breed is aggressive, if not properly trained. You need a lot of companionship and exercise to suppress aggression. Since most people do not have the time to give this race the right training, it is not a good dog choice for children.

Even if they are beautiful Dalmatians are black and white fur, are not one of the best dogs for children. These dogs need a coach very quiet, not to abuse their pets. Any kind of abuse, these animals can bring physical aggression. They are also known to be the environment of death, the injustice which might lead to a dog fickle.

The dog out the last of the worst dogs for childrenList> is the Chihuahua. Do not think that just because they are small, would be a good boy dog. This is as far from the truth. Chihuahuas are territorial and are known to nip there owners. As children grow rapidly Ruff to play in this. Chihuahua is a very sensitive breed, the '. If they dropped the head, he could die.

Just because the list is one of the worst dog breeds for children, means thata dog evil. Understand that most dogs themselves are bad because of poor preparation is not the breed. With good training, discipline and love every race could be a good dog for children.

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