Saturday, April 9, 2011

brachycephalic dogs (dish dogs) and Summer Safety Tips

brachycephalic dogs read: Bracky-seh-Falicia) flat face, short, or muzzle dogs. (Many of them are small breeds, commonly called lap dogs although some larger. The term "brachycephalic" comes from the greek "Brachy" , that is short and "cephalic, meaning head. Of the dogs of this type is the most common are:

Boston Terrier
Yorkshire Terrier
English and French Bulldog
Cavalier KingCharles Spaniel, among others.

They are very popular breeds, the owners are usually the spoils. Many varieties are recognized pedigree. Like all dogs, the flat face dog will love this game and romp outside the home in the summer. However, summer is a time when the owners of these breeds should be alert for possible problems using it on. heat and high humidity will affect all dogs, but these weather conditions are particularly difficult toall brachycephalic breeds.

The problem is one of the natural anatomy of the design. brachycephalic dogs have an upper respiratory tract, is very clumsy and obstructive. In fact, "obstructive" is the word most often used to describe their problems peculiar anatomy of the airways. This physical structure is known as brachycephaly, which provides a design face image, it can be nice, but it is an efficient design called for breathing. As a result of a seriesProblems can occur due to extreme temperatures.

Panting is the way to cold. It 's the way that dogs regulate their body temperature. But because of their anatomical design of the respiratory tract, brachycephalic breeds pants much less inefficient than other breeds. Air is not in and out of the ease and speed. Therefore, these breeds sometimes sound as if out-of breath for no reason. TopFor this reason, he stopped his breathing and high humidity can sometimes cause her breathing, which worked very well. To do so is a tendency for ways to become inflamed and swollen slightly under stress.

Oddly, the flat face design stimulates saliva from the tongue to evaporate more quickly than usual. This makes the cooling effect of the language has on the blood circulating through the tongue. This in turn makes the body coolingProcess much less efficient than other breeds.

panting inefficient, airway sensitivity and inefficient cooling system means that in hot weather, the brachycephalic dog is particularly susceptible to rapid overheating. High humidity makes the situation. Of all the breeds of dogs, brachycephalic dogs are the most likely candidates for heat stroke, which is a particularly dangerous.

Summer Safety Tips

We recommendSpecial precautions for dogs brachycephalic climate is hot and humid. These include:

* Go to "walk the dog" in the cool morning and evening, avoid the sun at midday.

* If you need to keep your puppy's hot outside, be sure to provide plenty of cold water and a shady resting place for the eighth that the shaded area on the day. This is very important.

* Of course it is always best to take home the brachycephalic breedsAir conditioning in hot weather.

* Also, never leave a pet (or children) in a car on a warm or hot day. The temperature inside a car can easily climb to 120 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer sun. Even when the outside temperature was only 70 degrees, the inside of a car can cause heat stress and heat stroke too.

While a brachycephalic dog is a joy to own, and is particularly useful for apartment living, these breeds have their own needs.But with a few precautions, you can easily avoid the potential danger. But a little inconvenience is not a problem if it is rich in personality and sharp mind who loved to make flat-faced dog as especially desirable and good.


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